Commercial Office Cleaning - Floor Stripping & Floor Waxing

Commercial Office Cleaning - Floor Stripping & Floor Waxing

Get the Best From Personal Touch Janitorial in Sycamore, IL

Bring the Floors in Your Building Back to Life

Could the floors in your commercial facility use a little TLC? Give them a second life by contacting Personal Touch Janitorial Inc. Our team will take your shoddy floors and make them like new again, stripping away years of wear and tear with a few simple operations.

We will examine your floors and determine how many coats of wax need to be taken off to restore them to their original glory. Once we’ve stripped the top layers, our cleaning professionals will carefully wax and buff your floors to a beautiful shine.

Your floors will be back in shape in no time when we’re on the job. Schedule an appointment with Personal Touch Janitorial by calling 630-682-0246.

Professional floor cleaning services in Sycamore, IL

If you’re overdue for a floor stripping or waxing appointment, contact Personal Touch Janitorial. Our team can take years off your floors by:

  • Stripping away layers of old wax
  • Carefully applying a new layer of wax
  • Buffing your hard surfaces to make them shine

Your newly stripped, waxed and buffed floors will be ready to withstand years of wear and tear once we’ve completed the job.