Restore Your Floors To Pristine Condition

Restore Your Floors To Pristine Condition

Hire us for floor stripping services in Sycamore & St. Charles & Naperville, IL

Before you can apply a new, shiny coat of wax to your floors, you need to remove any old layers of wax. Floor stripping allows you to remove those layers of wax to give your floors an upgrade. Personal Touch Janitorial Inc. provides floor stripping and floor cleaning services for residents in the Sycamore, Illinois area.

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What is the process?

Floor stripping requires a delicate balance of chemicals, and sometimes specialized machinery. As part of our floor cleaning services, we will strip your floors to make room for a brand-new finish. Our team will:

  • Provide you with an honest estimate
  • Apply stripping solution to the floors
  • Wipe the solution away to remove old wax
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