commercial office cleaning

Commercial Office Cleaning

It's essential to keep your commercial facility clean and tidy, especially when potential customers walk through the door. Personal Touch Janitorial will make sure every surface shines with our commercial office cleaning services.

floor stripping and waxing

Floor Stripping & Waxing

Could your floors use a fresh new look? Personal Touch Janitorial offers waxing and stripping services that will restore any floor to its former glory. Click or call to learn more.

carpet cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Don't let heavy foot traffic wear down your carpets-hire Personal Touch Janitorial for quality carpet cleaning services. Our team will thoroughly and effectively eliminate contaminants and make your carpets look like new again.

floor care

Floor Care

Regularly cleaning the floors at your commercial or industrial facility is the key to making them last. Extend the life of your floors by trusting Personal Touch Janitorial to handle your floor care needs.


When you see clean floors, you assume they're safe to walk on. However, most spills are water, which can create dangerous and slippery puddles on your otherwise safe floor. Don't allow your customers to fall victim to a puddle, and don't let your business be at risk! Our team has access to a floor wax that turns bright red when in contact with water. In less than 10 seconds, you'll have an easy to see puddle that lets employees know the area needs to be cleaned up, and lets customers know to steer clear of the area! Contact us at Personal Touch Janitorial of Sycamore & St. Charles & Naperville, IL for a demonstration and quotes.

Restore the ruined floors in your building with ease

Heavy foot traffic and constant strain from industrial machinery can do a number on the floors in your commercial facility. Don't waste money replacing your flooring-bring in Personal Touch Janitorial of Sycamore & St. Charles & Naperville, IL to restore it. Our cleaning professionals will assess the extent of the damage and recommend an effective way to make your floors look like new again.
We'll strip, wax and buff your floors until they shine. Schedule an appointment with Personal Touch Janitorial to learn more about your flooring restoration options.


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